Comping Lessons Bundle

Comping Lessons Bundle

Six fantastic lessons designed to take your comping to the next level. Discounted to 10.00 per lesson.

Video List:
Modern Comping Techniques
An Insiders Look at Voicings and Comping
Killer Comping
Comping on Rhythm Changes
Comping on the Blues
Comping on Turnarounds

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Comping Lessons Bundle

6 Videos

  • Modern Comping Techniques - Topic Driven

    In this lesson I demonstrate how to generate 3 part voicings in 4ths and 5ths in all of it's inversions. I also show you how to fully harmonize the "So What" chord. Two transcribed sections of the lesson explain comping in a modal situation and using these structures in a guitar trio setting.

  • An Insiders Look at Voicings and Comping (Days of Wine and Roses) - Topic Driven

    In this lesson I systematically show you how to generate all of the inversions for any 4 part chord. Nothing has done more for my chordal fretboard knowledge and comping than this method has. I have also transcribed three choruses of comping on "The Days of Wine and Roses" and recorded the audio ...

  • Killer' Comping - Topic Driven

    I received a great email from a fellow guitar player who thought that the comping I was doing with Larry Coryell on the Have You Met Miss Jones video was killer! In this lesson I go through some of the techniques that I use when accompanying one person. Lots of information that I'm sure you'll en...

  • Comping on Rhythm Changes - Essential

    In this 45 minute lesson, I go through the entire form of rhythm changes and discuss ways of creating interesting voicings and drastically improve your comping. I've included a 5 page PDF and a midi file that you can use to practice the one chorus etude I have provided. A really fantastic lesson ...

  • Comping on the Blues - Topic Driven

    This entire 40 minute lesson deals with some of my methods for creating interesting comping on the blues. I discuss tritones, back-cycling voicings in 4ths, countdown changes and using melody as the most important feature of a well played accompaniment.

  • Comping on Turnarounds - Topic Driven

    A very often requested topic! In this 40 minute lesson I show you my techniques of bringing the boring I-VI-II-V to life! Topics include the "one note method", the "chromatic scale method" tritone subs and III for I. I also discuss turnarounds in minor as well as the turnaround to the ii-7 chord.

  • Comping Lesson Bundle

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