Jazz Master Bundle

Jazz Master Bundle

These three new lessons form the foundation of tune playing. Blues, Rhythm Changes and Impressions. If you have command of these tunes, it will help you in every aspect of tune learning and improvising. All three lessons come with extensive PDF material.

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Blues Essentials

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Jazz Master Bundle

3 Videos

  • Blues Essentials (Billies Bounce) - Essential

    In this lesson I describe how the jazz blues differs from traditional blues and show you the methods used to create the ii-V's that give jazz blues it's definitive sound. This is designed as a beginner lesson but even intermediate to advanced guitarists will find something useful in it. This is a...

  • Oleo - Tune Based

    This lessons covers one of the most important song forms in jazz, Along with the blues, rhythm changes is a necessity in any jazz musicians repertoire. I treat this lesson in a fundamental manner, breaking the tune down into its major components. Turnarounds, ii-v to the IV with variations and th...

  • Impressions (Coltrane) - Tune Based

    In this lesson I lay the groundwork for learning how to improvise on modal tunes such as So What or Impressions. Topics include the dorian mode, triad pairs pentatonics and 4ths. This is intended to be a beginner lesson on modal harmony with some great methods on how to create interesting improvi...

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