The Artists Bundle

The Artists Bundle

6 awesome lessons inspired by the great masters who performed them. Including Benson, Martino and Grant Green.

Tune List:
Minor League - Grant Green
Cisco - Pat Martino
This Masquerade - George Benson
Affirmation - George Benson
Footprints - Wayne Shorter
Invitation - Joe Henderson

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The Artists Bundle

6 Videos

  • Minor League (Grant Green) - Tune Based

    In this lesson I take a look at Duke Pearson's tune Minor League. I love this tune, the melody is so well constructed! The lesson features 12 pages of amazing hard bop language with a fully transcribed 6 chorus solo! Great comping examples as well in this amazing PDF document. Take command of you...

  • Cisco (Martino) - Tune Based

    This lesson has everything! Altered dominants, diminished lines, augmented scale lines and blues. I've also included the bebop scale and how to utilize the major triads in the diminished scale. 11 pages of transcribed examples in notation and tab!

  • This Masquerade Lesson (Benson) - Tune Based

    An amazing lesson! I utilized a new camera which allows me to get close ups of my guitar neck, it looks great in HD! The PDF comes with over 15 pages of great lines. Blues, II-V's, dorian lines, lydian b7, this lesson is fantastic!

  • Affirmation (Benson) - Tune Based

    What an awesome lesson! I have transcribed dozens of killing George Benson smooth/groove/blues style lines. I also show you ways of incorporating more traditional jazz harmonic approaches to this deceptively simple tune.

  • Wayne Shorter's Footprints - Tune Based

    In this lesson I discuss modern voicing techniques as well as linear concepts such as pentatonics and the tritone substitution with -7 chords. There are great examples of all of the material discussed in both notation and tab. You will love this 30 minute lesson on some modern aspects of jazz gui...

  • Joe Henderson's Invitation - Tune Based

    In this lesson I discuss a modal approach to playing these chord changes. I show you how to weave the the bridge section by connecting chord scales in a stepwise manner. Other topics include the diminished scale, tritone subs, triad pairs and voicings in 4ths. Included are 15 pages of PDF materia...

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