The Essential Lesson Bundle

The Essential Lesson Bundle

A great series of six lessons designed to give you a strong set of fundamental skills. These will help you get comfortable with all of the lessons on the site.

Video List:
Line Connections
Back Cycling
Secret Jazz Chord
Dominant Chord Study
Study in Minor II-V's
Major II-V's

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The Essential Lesson Bundle

6 Videos

  • Line Connections (Moments Notice) - Essential

    In this lesson I discuss my methods of connecting lines through chord changes. I show you how I visualize the linear material over chord forms and how I see the connections from one position to another. After laying the groundwork for these concepts, I use the John Coltrane tune “Moments Notice” ...

  • Back Cycling - Essential

    One of the most requested lessons is here! I discuss my methods of using back cycling as a tool for comping, improvising and chord melody arrangements. This lesson contains almost 6 pages of transcribed material with time stamps to help you navigate the lesson. PDF in both Notation and Tab.

  • Secret Jazz Chord - Essential

    Without question the idea of the "Secret Jazz Chord" has helped me more than anything to gain fretboard mastery and harmonic confidence. The basis of the idea is simple, I explain it thoroughly by breaking it down into three steps. This is an update to a previous lesson I had done but felt compel...

  • Dominant Chord Study - Essential

    In this lesson I discuss the two types of dominant chords we deal with in jazz tunes, resolving and non resolving. I keep the discussion two the modes of melodic minor but discuss various reharmonizations, and give you 7 pages of melodic and chordal examples. Another essential lesson for understa...

  • A Study in Minor II-Vs - Essential

    In this lesson I discuss the way I approach the minor II-V. I use Dizzy Gillespie's tune Woody'n You as a vehicle for all of the demonstrations. Topics include thinking of the -7b5 chord a s a minor 6, and the usage of pentatonics and the melodic minor scale. This is an eye opening lesson, the ma...

  • Major II-V's - Essential

    In this essential lesson, I discuss the major II-V utilizing both chordal and linear examples. I have provided the exercises that gave me a great foundation during my earlier years. This material became apparent to me during the period of my life when I was transcribing a lot of Charlie Parker so...

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